Contact Lens & Spectacles

Contact lenses are small visual devices made with curved pieces of plastic shaped in a way to conform directly to the wearer's eye. They provide an artificial refracting surface to the human eye and are used to correct vision problems like myopia and hypermetropia. Contact lenses aid in eye focusing in the same manner as spectacles do.
Contact lenses are thin, curved plastic disks designed to cover the cornea; the clear front covering of the eye. Contact lenses provide a safe and effective way to correct vision when used with care and proper supervision. They can offer a good alternative to eyeglasses depending on your eyes and lifestyle.
Contact lenses enhances the vision of the the wearer by reducing spectacle aberrations and increasing the visual field, thus giving a natural vision Advantages of Contact Lenses

  • Contact lenses are capable of correcting most of the problems that spectacles can as well as some additional ones that glasses cannot.
  • People not satisfied with their appearance using glasses can opt to use contact lenses for improved appearance. Contact lenses are not in the danger of slipping off, getting wet, or fogging up, which can easily happen with spectacles.

Uses of Contact Lens

The primary use of contact lenses is to correct myopia (short sightedness). They can also be used to rectify hyperopia, astigmatism, presbyopia and aphakia. Rigid lenses are used to correct irregular corneal trauma. Soft lenses are used as bandages for conditions like bullous keratopathy, recurring corneal erosion as well as to increase comfort, vision and postoperative wound healing.

How to wear Contact Lens -

1. Put the contact lens on your index finger.
2. Using your middle finger of your other hand, you can pull the lower eyelid down You can then use your middle finger of the opposite hand to pull your eyelid up.
3. Place the contact lens in your eye, make sure not to blink.
4. Move the contact lens towards your eye calmly and steadily.
5. Blink your eye to adjust the lens.

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