When both the eyes of a person are not in alignment with each other it is known as squint or strabismus. Nearly 40% patients with squint can be cured by spectacles and/or eye exercises. However, a large majority require an operation. Squint operations are very safe and should be done at the earliest. Generally if the eyes are not aligned for more than 6 months in a child, irreversible damage to the three dimensional vision occurs, which is only partly reversible. Squint surgeries are performed successfully even in 4 month old children. If surgery is required it should be done in most cases within six months after the squint is noticed to avoid any irreversible damage to three dimensional visions.
Squint Oculoplastics refers to surgical procedures designed to enhance the capacity and appearance of the eyelids, skin and muscle tissue encompassing the eye, brow and the entire face. Contingent upon the interesting vision needs and tasteful objectives of every patient, our encountered specialists may prescribe and perform a synthesis of such methodology as blepharoplasty and/or forehead lift.

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