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Oculoplasty is a branch of ophthalmology that not only deals with ophthalmic diseases but mainly concerns the structure around the eyes such as eyebrows, eyelids, tear system or orbit.

Oculoplasty is also known as ophthalmic plastic surgery since it helps in correcting the abnormalities of the functional structures around the eyes. Oculoplasty treatment can be performed to improve the function or appearance of:
• Eyelid malposition
• Eyebrow problem
• Tear drainage problems
• Skin cancer of the eyelid
• Problems of the orbit (eye socket)
Most of the time, oculoplasty surgery is done by doctors to resolve either the medical issues related to the eyes or to enhance the cosmetic appearance of the surrounding areas of the eyes.

Occuloplaasty - 3D Vision Eye Hospital Jaipur

Eyes are considered to be the most important beauty feature of our face and ophthalmology can help in enhancing as well as rejuvenating the facial features with the help of surgical and non-surgical methods.
Some of the procedures adopted by the doctors incorporate Botox injections, fillers like hyaluronic acid gel, blepharoplasty and more.

Who needs ophthalmic plastic surgery?

Generally, a doctor is your best guide, who can tell you whether you need ophthalmic plastic surgery or not! But you can also figure it out on your own by observing the symptoms you may experience and can decide to go to the doctor.
• If your eyelids are hanging downwards you need eyelid surgery (Ptosis)
• Scars or folds around the eyes or have wrinkles problem
• Abnormally high rate of blinking the eyes that necessary
• Burns of the eye
• Twitching of eyes
• Blocked tear ducts (NDL Block)
• Blepharoplasty or excessive fat in eyelids
• Bulging eyes
• Orbit tumours
• The absence of an eye
• Entropion or Ectopion (Eyelids tearing in or out)
• Tumours growing inside or surrounding the eye


Why choose 3D Vision for your oculoplasty treatment in Jaipur?

3D Vision is a renowned name in the field of ophthalmology and is well-known for its pioneering and experienced team of doctors, surgeons and technicians. At 3D Vision, the team of ophthalmologists are specially trained in the field of Oculoplasty. We have the best oculoplasty doctors giving their ’24/7 hours’ to restoring the vision of our patients.
Here at 3D Vision we perform all types of oculoplasty treatment and surgeries under one roof such as Ptosis, Ectropion, Entropion, NLD block, etc., with utmost precision and guaranteed successful results.

The oculoplasty treatment at 3D vision eye hospital, Jaipur initiates with a preliminary checkup of the patients and analyzing the symptoms and problems of the patient. Once the reports are out after preliminary examination the patient is suggested with the most appropriate options of oculoplasty for his problem. Here at 3D Vision, the patient is free to choose which oculoplasty procedure he would like to adopt for his/her treatment.
We provide state-of-the-art facilities like the latest infrastructure and modern labs equipped with up-to-date technology. 
All these facilities under one roof oculoplasty treatment at 3D Vision have become a cakewalk for our surgeons and a miraculous experience for our patients.  
We also consult other surgeons’ example a neurosurgeon in some complicated cases for the safety of our patients. We pay special attention to incorporate extra care while dealing with our patients especially if they are children or teenagers.

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