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Squint or Strabismus
(भेंगापन )

What is Squint?

Squint or strabismus is known by various other names like deviating eye, crossed, and wandering eye. This is a peculiar disorder of eyes in which the eyes are not aligned properly.This simply means when one of the eyes looks straight then at the same time another one starts to turn upwards, downwards, inward, or outwards. This kind of misalignment in the eyes might remain constant in few patients while in others it might occur intermittently. Squint is not only a cosmetic problembut if not treated at the proper time can create another disease known as Amblyopia or most commonly known as lazy eyes. Amblyopia occurs in young children, so it is very important to identify & treat squint as soon as possible.

Understand Squint:
A Brief Overview

Causes of Squint

1. Hereditary issues- Squint could also be a result of hereditary conditions or problems which continuously running in the genetics of some families.
2. Refractive error – high refractive error in one or both eyes may lead to different types of squint.
3. C.N.S. causes – Sometimes lesion in the cranial nerve can cause squinting of eyes.
4. Long-term illnesses- Some long term illnesses can also result in squint eyes.
5. Injuries- Sometimes major injuries to the head can also lead to squinting of eyes since in these types of injuries a specific area of the brain is affected which controls the eye movement.

Symptoms of Squint

Since it is not easy to distinguish between a squint and an unusual look of the eyes, it becomes difficult to diagnose the Symptoms of squint. Sometimes squint is intermittent,this makes it even more difficult to identify the disease. Therefore, to properly assess and diagnose the squinting of eyes, a squint specialist should be consulted. Some of the most usual symptoms of squint are:

• Crossed eyes or Deviation of eyes: One eye is looking in different direction in comparison to other eye. This lead to cosmetic blemish. In case of any doubt, always consult squint specialist.
• Amblyopia(Lazy eye): Vision of squinting eye may be less than normal.During this condition, the brain starts to ignore the input from the squinting eye, which may lead to vision loss.
• Double vision: specially in paralytic squint may see double images, which can also hamper his routine activities.
• Photophobia: Children who are suffering from squint eyes are susceptible to bright sunlight and can’t ignore it and subsequently tend to close their eyes.
• Abnormal head posture: Some patienttilt or turn their heads and face a particular directionto utilize their eyes together or avoid diplopia.

Types of Squint

1. Esotropia(Convergent squint): eye of the patient suffering from this kind of condition turn inwards facing towards the nose.
2. Exotropias(Divergent squint): one eye of the patient turns outward.
3. Hypertropias and Hypotropias: In Hypertropias one of the eyes of the patient gets significantly higher than another one. Hypotropias is where one of the eyes gets very lower than the adjacent eye.
4. Paralytic squints: Squints caused due to paralysis of one or more extra ocular muscles of eye. It may be due to some kind of injury or decreased blood supply to the cranial nerve.

Squint Treatment:

Treatment of squint is medical management or surgery.
• Correction of refractive error: Squint caused by refractive errors can be corrected by prescribing suitable corrective spectacles to the patients.
• Treatment of amblyopia (Lazy eye): The problem of Amblyopia is treated with the help of occlusion therapy.
• Surgical Treatment: Sometimes it becomes necessary to take the help of surgical methods to treat the humongous problem of squint. This kind of corrective surgery can be completed in a single day. During the surgery, the muscles of the eyes are detached from their original insertion spot and are being properly and carefully shifted to a different spot. This amount of shifting is strictly and precisely measured with special prisms.

Squint Operation/ Treatment Cost in Jaipur

The cost of a proper squint surgery depends on several reasons such as the type of squint , surgical method and technology being used, skill of surgeon/doctor, types of equipment and facilities of the clinic. Therefore it is advised to discuss all the issues with a skilled eye care specialist/doctor.

Dr Deepak Goyal- The best Squint Specialist in Jaipur

Dr Deepak Goyal is a renowned cataract, squint and refractive surgery expert who has done his post-graduation from prestigious M & J regional institute of ophthalmology (B.J medical college, Ahmedabad). He has undergone 18 month fellowship from prestigious Dr. Shroff’s charitable eye hospital, New Delhi. Dr Deepak Goyal is director of 3D Vision Eye hospital and provides quality consultation and treatment to every eye-related problem. So, if someone is suffering from squint or any other eye-related illness, they can pay a visit to Dr Deepak Goyal for instant relief. Dr Deepak is considered the best squint specialist in Jaipur as he has over 12 years of experience with more than 15000 successful surgeries to his name. His glorious past experience fortifies his place and supremacy in the field of ophthalmology.

Squint Results


Most frequent questions and answers

Squint is a diseases, which can occur due to many factors , one of the major factor is many eye disease like cataract, retina problem , refractive error, trauma . In some cases brain is not able to control both eyes in proper alignment. 

Yes, in some cases it can increase with increasing age. While in some cases, the strabismus that appears in childhood gets corrected in adulthood by itself. If squinting eye seems to be increasing, one should get treatment as early as possible.

Yes, Squint can very well corrected using surgical and non-surgical methods. But if the squint is detected at an early age, it is always better to get treatment in early age for better results.

In some cases, squinted eyes can be effectively treated without surgery with the help of glasses, eye drops, eye patches, Botox injections and some exercises. But few cases can be corrected only by surgery.

In few cases exercise are quiet effective. Squint specialist prescribe them according to type of squint.

There are 6 muscles in eyes, which help to move the eyes in various direction. In squint surgery rebalancing of these muscles is done.

There are multiple type of squint cases. The cost of squint surgery in Jaipur ranges between 15,000 –  45,000 rupees depending upon the type of surgery.

It depends upon multiple factors like type of squint, age, vision of eyes etc. In very few cases where vision of eyes is very poor, eye may drift again. It is so because the eye movement is associated with the brain and the surgery does not correct the eye connection with the brain, so it always advisable to get treatment in early age.

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