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ICL Surgery

Implantable Collamer Lens or ICL is a refractive surgery just like Lasik surgery for correcting reflective errors, however, in ICL an artificial lens is permanently implanted over the natural lens and does not use laser. ICL eye surgery is very effective for the treatment of myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness) and astigmatism. ICL surgery is considered an alternative treatment for people who cannot opt for laser eye surgery.
ICL is a surgical process where the surgeon places the artificial lens between the natural lens and coloured iris. The implanted lens works to direct the refracted light on the retina, producing a clearer vision.
The ICL is made up of plastic and collagen called Collamer. ICL lens is a phakic intraocular lens, here Phakic means placing the artificial lens without taking out the natural lens.

Lasik Laser

ICL operation is not always used to correct the vision problems instead sometimes it is used to reduce the dependency of a person on glasses or contact lenses.

Should I go with ICL surgery?

1. If you are 21 years older, then you can go for ICL surgery

2. If you are not pregnant or are not a nursing mother then you can go for ICL

3. If you are younger than 45 years then only you can go for ICL

4. If you don’t have any chronic disease that might cause any hormonal fluctuation then ICl is a good option for you

5. If you are not a diabetic or have any other such problems that can prohibit wound healing then ICL is for you

6. If Your eyesight number is stable for a year

7. If you meet the minimum requirements for endothelial cell count you are qualified for ICL

Benefits of ICL surgery 

In addition, to improve the vision, ICL has many other benefits also like:

✔️ The artificial lens placed in the eyes works to protect the eye from problems like dry eyes. It is a protection against chronic dryness.

✔️ ICL can provide a person with good night vision along with better vision during the daytime.

✔️ ICL operation is capable to fix the vision problem of nearsightedness which cannot be corrected effectively via other eye surgeries

✔️ ICL is meant to be permanent but if the situation demands it can be removed too

✔️ Recovery after ICl eye surgery is very fast because there is no tissue damage or tissue removal

✔️ ICL is a blessing for the candidates who are not qualified for laser surgery

Why choose us?

Generally, people have only heard about LASIK surgery and if the doctor tells them that they are not qualified for LASIK, people tend to get disheartened and leave all hopes for getting a clearer vision. But this is not the case with us, we at Vision 3D Eye Hospital also provide consultation to our patients regarding what other eye surgery is suitable for their case and provide it under one roof with utmost precision and excellence.

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