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Paediatric Eye Diseases

The domain of Pediatric eye diseases/pediatric ophthalmologists’ deals with the vision care of children. It is very important to identify and rectify the vision-related issues in children in the initial stage since the visual system is in a developing phase and the eyes are very sensitive even towards minute dust particles.

 Pediatric eye specialists work towards vision correction among children via therapies, medication, and complex eye surgeries. Pediatric eye surgeons pay closer attention to correct functionally, as well as, structurally affected vision problems, including Cosmesis.

Children eye treatment

How is the eye of the child different?

It is a well-known fact that Children eyes are very different from adults, but why & how? Well, the main reason is that it is still in the development phase which makes their eyes, visual disorders, brain eye coordination and visual needs entirely different from the adults. They are far away from fully developed eye-brain coordination. Other reasons are:
1. Underdeveloped brain eye connection: Any deprivation in the nascent stage if not treatment might remain incorrect in future leading to amblyopia (lazy eye). Even vision correcting glasses might not be very effective in future.
2. Children’s eyes are prone to a set of eye tumours and malignancies like retinoblastoma that only target this age group
3. Increased screen time due to TV, Computer games, and video games raised the threat of pediatric eye diseases  
4. Outdoor games make children prone to allergies and trauma
5. Premature births lead to prolonged stay of the baby in nurseries which put these newborn babies at risk of Retinopathy of Premature (RoP). It can be vision threatening for the baby.
6. Early age malnutrition might hit the kids with a ‘Vitamin-A’ deficiency which can develop pediatric eye diseases such as corneal ulcers, dry eyes, blindness, etc.

What Are The Symptoms And Signs Of Eye Problems In Children?

1. Redness of eyes, itching, or watery eyes
2. Any misalignment in the eyes or squint eyes
3. Any hereditary/family history of eye disorder might include dependency on vision correcting glasses or refractive errors. This can be passed from one generation to another hence must be detected at an early age
4. A problem in reading the black/whiteboard in the schools.
5. A problem in reading, identifying farther objects, or reading smaller font size
6. Frequent headaches, recurrent eye infections, watering eyes, dryness, or eye rubbing
7. Injury on the head or eyes

Children eye treatment

Services that 3D vision eye hospital offers for children 

1. Best state-of-the-art infrastructure and innovative technology
2. Eye specialist for children
3. Special department for children’s eye care
4. Ace and experienced pediatric eye doctors and squint doctor
5. Vision assessment test, consultations, and refraction under dilation
6. Vision correcting glasses in child size and attractive frames.
7. Low vision aids
8. Squint assessment and evaluation of binocular vision
9. We manage to block tear ducts
10. We can treat convergence insufficiency, and congenital malformations.
11. Synaptophore assisted eye exercises for stimulating correct eye movement, eye angle, eye muscles and binocular vision
12. Treatment for all types of pediatric eye diseases such as allergies, watery eyes, redness, infections or injury
13. Comprehensive pre-anaesthetic check-up and post-operative care
14. Amblyopia therapy
15. Trauma service
16. Surgical and medical treatment for congenital disorders like congenital cataracts, glaucoma, squint, congenital ptosis.
17. Routine pediatric surgeries
18. Intraocular lasers for Rop
19. Ptosis surgeries such as lid reconstruction and sling surgeries
20. Phacoemulsification with intraocular lens implantation
21. Complex as well as straightforward squint surgeries

Our pediatric surgeon at 3D Vision eye hospital

Our team of pediatric surgeons at 3D Vision eye hospital understand that children are our future hence require special care and nurturing to thrive in future! We aim to provide you with the best eye care for your children without causing a hole in your pocket and in minimum treatment time.
We offer best in the town technology in child vision care under one roof and treat our patients with compassion, care and empathy. We have a team of pioneering and experienced child eye specialists in Jaipur.
We are the best pediatric eye clinic in Jaipur and specializes in counselling, providing support and visual rehabilitation for our patients. We do not praise ourselves but our previous record of successful vision correction treatments speak for us! If your child is exhibiting any eye-related issues we recommend you to pay a visit to the 3D Vision eye hospital in Jaipur and see your child getting healed quickly.

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    Most frequent questions and answers

    The common eye disorders in children are-
    1. Refractive errors (Far Sightedness, Near Sightedness, Astigmatism)
    2. Amblyopia (Lazy Eye)
    3. Squint
    4. Epiphora (excessive tearing)
    5. Pink Eye (Conjunctivitis)
    6. Pediatric Cataract and glaucoma

    Parents can observe the following symptoms to make out that their child needs glasses-
    1. Child goes very near to watch television
    2. Child do mistakes in school while copying from board
    3. Headache, watering or rubbing of eyes while reading or watching television
    4. Squinting of eye: one of the eye wanders, while other remains stable

    Yes, every child requires routine eye checkup. Because we have two eyes, if there is vision problem in only one eye, child may not be able to identify it. Squint, cataract or high glass number may lead to amblyopia (lazy eye). Treatment of lazy eye or amblyopia is possible up to 7 years of age. Vision can be permanently poor if not treated on time. So it is very important to identify at early stage to diagnose & correct lazy eye.
    Ideally every child needs routine eye checkup after birth & preschool age (3 to 4 years).

    With the advancement in medical field, general anesthesia has become very safe in small children. with help of all preoperative investigation & precautions during surgery, it has become very safe and effectively cures the problem.

    Also, some eye drops are prescribed by the doctor after the surgery to keep infection and inflammation away.

    Any pediatric case needs expert hands to deal with the problem diligently and sensitively. At 3D Vision Eye Hospital, you have-
    ✔️ Specialist having 11 plus years of experience.
    ✔️ High competence by having done more than 15000 surgeries.
    ✔️ Modern technology, caring and hygienic facility
    ✔️ Specialist in pediatric eye surgeries

    To get the cataract removed, one needs to consult the eye doctor in place. After the examination of the eye and a discussion with the patient, the doctor decides when to remove the cataract.