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Pterygium eye problem is a condition in which a mucous membrane or conjunctiva grows on the white part of the eye.

What is pterygium disease?

Pterygium eye problem is a condition in which a mucous membrane or conjunctiva grows on the white part of the eye. Conjunctiva is a transparent tissue cover on the white part of the eye. Pterygium is formed over the cornea which is a covering of the eye. It is a non-cancerous growth and shaped like a wedge.
Pterygium usually does not cause any major eye problems. Pterygium disease shows very little to no symptoms thus hard to figure out the problem at the initial stage. However, in some cases, it grows so much that it starts interfering with your vision. In these cases, Pterygium can be removed effectively by visiting a skilled eye surgeon with an excellent record.  

Pterygium causes and symptoms

In the ophthalmology branch, the exact cause of Pterygium disease is still unknown however many doctors have come up with a various list of possible causes that might lead to the development of Pterygium. One such cause that rules the ophthalmology world is excessive exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays might lead to the growth of the conjunctiva.
People who live at locations close to warm climates or spend a large number of hours in outdoor activities exposed to the sunlight or windy environment are at high risk of Pterygium than others.
There are certain elements which when exposed to eyes might cause Pterygium such as:
1. Sand or sand particles
2. Pollen
3. Wind
4. sunlight
5. Smoke
As we have informed earlier too that Pterygium does not necessarily cause any symptoms, but in some cases, you can witness mild symptoms. These mild symptoms comprise blurred vision, redness and eye irritation. A few patients also complain about itchiness in the eye and a burning sensation of the eyes.
In certain cases, the Pterygium grows in excess to cover the cornea causing hampered vision. Thick Pterygium can feel like some foreign substance in your eyes. In the condition of Pterygium, one cannot wear contact lenses anymore due to the discomforting feeling.

Treatment of Pterygium of the eye

First, it is important to know about how serious Pterygium disease is and how much damage it could do before knowing about Pterygium treatment. So, Pterygium can seriously cause scarring of the cornea in some cases. Scarring of the cornea requires immediate treatment because it can cause vision loss.
In minor cases of Pterygium, the doctors prescribe eye drops or ointments to treat inflammation of the eye quickly. In some advance and complicated cases, the treatment requires surgical removal of Pterygium.
Treatment of Pterygium has two stages, the first is the diagnosis of Pterygium and the second is treatment.

1. Diagnosis of Pterygium: 

• Corneal topography- medical mapping process that measures changes in the curvature of cornea hence detecting the development of Pterygium.
• Visual acuity test – Test involves reading letters from a chart that indicated clear vision or any problem in the eye
• Photo documentation- Here many pictures of the eye are taken to detect the growth rate of Pterygium. 

2. Treatment of Pterygium: 

• Medication- In this treatment, the doctor prescribes ointments and an eye drop that contains corticosteroids resulting in reduced inflammation.  
• Surgery– It is the last resort adopted by ophthalmologists if the medication doesn’t work. It is also adopted if the growth rate of Pterygium is high that might lead to vision loss in future. Surgery is adopted for cosmetic reasons as well. It is a quick and low-risk surgery. First, the eye surgeon will sedate the patient and numb the eyes. Then he will clean the surrounding eye area. Then the doctor will remove the Pterygium and conjunctiva tissues from the cornea. After this, the doctor will replace these tissues with an associated membrane tissue or a graft. It is like a covering to prevent the future development of Pterygium.

Why choose 3D Vision for your Pterygium treatment in Jaipur

Pterygium is a condition in which only a skilled eye surgeon can diagnose and provide proper treatment. At 3D Vision, you will find a team of the best eye surgeon in Jaipur. We have skilled ophthalmologists with years of experience and god’s blessed hands for treating the patients. Not only our doctors but our technicians, nursing staff and supporting staff plays a crucial role in your faster recovery and restoring your vision. We have a world-class infrastructure equipped with the latest surgical and diagnostic machines. Hence if a patient is suffering from Pterygium he must visit the 3D Vision hospital located at Jaipur (Rajasthan) for timely diagnosis and prompt treatment. We believe in resolving your problems via medication first since we understand the basic human nature and fear of surgeries. And in case of surgeries, we provide brief consultation and discussion sessions with the doctor to gain the trust of our patients. Your trust in our services and restored clear vision is our top priority.   

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