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5 Easy Ways To Protect Your Kid’s Vision From Digital Screens

Children are most precious for parents and protecting them is the top-most priority. With the advancement of technology and trends, kids don’t play regular outside games anymore. Today is a time of screens, which is the main opponent of a kid’s healthy eyesight.

As a parent, we all are worried about how can we keep our kids protected and limit the effect of screen lights on their eyes. A prohibition from gadgets is also not an option as kids will not learn new technological trends that way. So here, we will introduce you to some ways which can be very useful in not only protection but also improving the quality of vision your children have.

1. Screen Usage Limitation –

For kids below the age of 2, they should not be on screens at all. For above, as the main reason for compromise of kids’ eyes is digital screens, So first of all, limit their usage. If your kid is too much into video games or cartoon videos or shows, you need to act asap! Limit the use of digital gadgets before they develop an addiction which will be a lot tougher to get rid of. You can assign a particular time of 1-2 hours per day when they can play video games and do other activities. You should always guide them to play more outdoor games or any other indoor activities like painting, crafting, etc. which doesn’t include digital gadgets.

2. Regular Brakes –

Limiting screen usage is not the only thing to do. There should be proper brakes in between the time kid is at the screen. A period of 30-40 min. Brake is recommended to make sure the eyes are getting enough rest in between the stressful screentime.

3. Engage In Outdoor/Indoor Activities –

Playing outdoor games with friends like cricket, football, etc. keep kids engaging and busy so that they can pay less time on smartphone or TV screens. For kids who don’t like much to play outdoor games can engage in indoor activities like drawing, crafting, etc. Kids like to play with a group of friends. So you can invite their friends, and they will be all engaged in each other themselves.

4. Type Of Screens –

Kids like to watch things in a bigger way, thus they tend to get smartphone screens to their closest point. The more closer the screen is, the more the danger of harmful rays on their eyes becomes. So to solve that problem, you should encourage them to watch on bigger screens like TV. For something which can only be watched on a smartphone like games, cast them on a bigger screen or just let them play on a computer or laptop.

5. Type Of Content –

The type of content kids watching also affects their eyesight positively or negatively. Watching cartoons and videos affect more negatively than playing video games. Actually according to National Geographic, “Playing Action video games improves a visual ability crucial for tasks like reading and driving at night.” So if your child is playing first-person shooter games like PUBG, Call Of Duty, etc. It is good for their reflexive vision and reaction ability. Just make sure they are playing it in a limited manner.

In A Short Way –

The vision of children also depends upon the parental genes. So if your kid facing an eyesight problem even after following these ways, you should consult a professional eye doctor. If you or your partner have any weak eyesight from birth, then there are chances that your kid also has it.

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