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7 Important Eye Care Tips During Summer 2022

Eye Care Tips

Eyes are the most delicate part of our body that need additional consideration and care, particularly in the scorching summer season where sweat and wet clothes are an everyday thing. The rising temperature, dust, and different pollutions present noticeable all around throughout summers can mess up the eyes, making them inclined to different sorts of diseases. It turns out to be critical to protect eyes from summers and keep them refreshed throughout the hot season. Below are 7 eye care tips that can be followed by people of all ages to protect eyes and give the best care to vision.

Wear sunglasses with guaranteed UV security 

Sunglasses are more than just a fashion accessory, they’re likewise fundamental for caring eyes from UV rays. You need to invest in glasses that can protect your eyes from damage and ensure maximum UV protection. Not just on sunny days, the UV rays can infect during dull cloudy days; therefore, it becomes imperative to wear sunglasses on dull days too.

Put on a Cap

 An extraordinary method to help keep UV light out of your eyes and the warmth of your head is by wearing a cotton cap. Apart from sunglasses, a cap can protect your eyes along with your face from the harmful sun rays. 

Sun Screen Moisturiser 

Applying sunscreen lotion is a common practice done by many people to take care of the face. Many people feel the burn of sunscreen on the eyes during summers. For which, appropriately washing eyes with clean water is recommended by many eye specialist.

Proper hydration 

Summers are meant to feel people dehydrated which can also influence badly on your vision. Extreme dehydration restrains your body from creating tears prompting dry eyes and different issues. Drinking a lot of water each day to keep your body hydrated and care for your eyes. It is recommended to drink at least Eight glasses or 3.5ltrs of water regularly is a good step towards a healthy body.

 Eat and Sleep well 

 Proper nutrition is also essential for having a clear vision. Foods and Nourishments plentiful in Vitamin C, E and zinc, can help oppose macular degeneration and different indications of eye damage. They are also essential for good eyesight and keeping an eye out for vision issues. Apart from having good food, having sufficient sleep ensures good care to the eyes.

Quitting Smoking

If you think that smoking affects only the lungs, think again. As per studies conducted by leading eye care experts across the world, it is observed that excessive smoke can cause cataract, dry eyes, and other eye-related problems. 

USE eye drops 

Even after taking the best care of their eyes, some people still experience eye pain or other major issues which directly or indirectly adversely affects their eyes. In such conditions, the best way is to consult an eye specialist and take proper medication such as drops which can recover an individual from the eye issues he/she is facing. If there are chances that someone has an allergy that causes eyes to feel tired or unreasonably dry, taking eye drops prescribed by an eye clinic is the best care.

Eyes are a delicate part of our body, and they truly deserve our best attention, not just in summers but every season. The above mention methods are tried and tested, which are essential for good eye care. In case of any major eye issue, taking treatment from the eye hospital is the best care. 

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