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8 Most Common Practices that are Harmful for Your Eye Health

8 Most Common Practices that are Harmful for Your Eye Health -

Good or Bad, habits always deliver results. -Jack Canfield

It is very correctly said that every single habit of an individual leads to some result. In the context of our health, this holds very correct.
If we have the good habits of waking up early, maintaining our hygiene, exercising and meditating daily, it will help us have a happy and healthy life. While having a poor set of habits like having a lazy wake -up schedule, smoking, no care for self hygiene, no exercising etc., are definitely going to lead to a poor health condition sooner or later.
Some habits can be noticed by us very easily by us. But there are some such things which we practice in an unknowing manner – such as blinking too much, brushing teeth too rapidly, constantly itching our body, rubbing eyes , forgetting to do something (may be breakfast or lunch on right time) and many more. They don’t fall into the category of a bad habit, but they trouble the body in some way or the other. One must be aware about such practices to keep any future problem away.
Here we will be detailing about some such practices which are harmful for our eyes. Eyes are the most sensitive organs of an individual and need extra care and protection. Any act of carelessness may lead to poor vision or loss of vision. Some such practices are-

  1. Not Wearing Sunglasses
    Wearing good quality (capable of blocking 100% sunrays)sunglasses is of great importance in all seasons. We need to protect our eyes from extreme exposure of sunlight otherwise the ultraviolet rays of the Sun will harm them. Our eyelids are the most exposed part of our eyes and are exteremely prone to cancer caused caused by Sun’s UV rays.
    Extreme exposure to UV rays even causes macular degeneration which is nothing but a condition of complete or partial vision loss.UV-B rays are mostly responsible for this condition.
    So, we must make it a practice to wear sunglasses whenever we are exposed to sunlight.
  2. Over Use of Screens
    Due to the changing work culture from offices to Work From Home, educational revolution from offline to online mode, increased number technology based working opprtunities and growing popularity of the OTT platforms, people are now more exposed to computers and their smart phones. Watching television for in dark space and for longer hours also have ill effects on eyes.
    This overuse of screens is leading to the conditions like eye fatigue, sleeplessness, dry eyes etc.
    To avoid such problems, one must reduce their unnecessary screen time, avoid using screens 1-2 hours before sleep and take screen gaps after every 20 minutes of use.
  3. Rubbing Your Eyes
    Whenever anyone experiences itchiness in eyes, rubbing them is the most comforting thing for him. But we must know that extreme rubbing may destroy the tiny blood vessels that are present under the skin of the eyes. Breakage of these vessels may cause dark circles or puffy eyes.
    Rubbing of eyes for a prolonged period of time causes thinning of the cornea and alteration in its’ shape. This leads to blurry vision which cannot be corrected even with glasses or lenses.
    So, don’t rub your eyes and consult a doctor when you experience any problem in them.
  4. Lack of Sleep
    Not getting adequate sleep does not only affect your vision but also affects your overall health condition. Lack of a sound sleep may cause blood shot eyes, swollen eyes, dark circles and blurry vision. It also causes headaches and fatigue throughout the day and affects the working efficiency of an individual.
    One must take a sound sleep of 7-8 hours. If you can’t take a long sleep, take a sleep break every time you feel tired, meditate and exercise.
  5. Smoking
    The harmful effects of smoking on lungs are known to us. But smoking has equally severe effects on eyes also. Those who smoke lose their normal vision gradually. Also, they have high chances of developing cataracts, macular degeneration, dry and uveitis.
    One must quit smoking as soon as possible.
  6. Improper Diet
    Foods with vitamin C and E , omega-3 fatty acids and zinc are essential elements for healthy eyes. One must eat citrus fruits, leafy vegetables , nuts, whole grains and fish to ensure a proper intake of these nutrients.
    Eating late at night, skipping breakfasts and eating junk foods must be totally avoided to have healthy eyes and body.
    Along with food, it is also important to keep your body hydrated by drinking sufficient water throughout the day. If one does not drink a minimum of 7-8 glasses of water per day, his eyes become dry due to lack of tears.
    One must take care of his food habits along with the right intake of water.
  7. Not having Regular Eye Exams
    It is a general practice among people not to see the doctor until they encounter a major health problem. Whether it is their general health condition or their eye condition, the will see doctor only when the matter is serious.
    However, in case of eyes, one must fix an appointment once or twice a year with eye care expert. This will help in the early detection of any sort of abnormality in the eye and also the vision of the individual can be checked and any solution needed may be suggested.
    Your eye specialist may even detect any signs of diabetes or high blood pressure by investigating your eyes.
  8. Application of Cosmetic Products and Not Taking Care of Lenses
    Too much application of cosmetic products on eye such as eye shadows, kajal, mascara, glitters and not removing them carefully will also harm your eyes.
    Using someone else’s cosmetic products increases the risk of eye infection, itching, watery eyes and dry eyes.
    If one does not take care of his contact lenses like- not changing the solution daily, wearing and taking them off with clean hands or sleeping while wearing lenses. This also affects the eye health and may cause redness, itchiness and even distort the vision by affecting the cornea.
    These are some most common practices which must be altered to safeguard our eyes. We must think seriously about them to have a good VISION throughout !


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