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Want to Get your Glasses Removed Permanently Lasik Laser Surgery is All You Need

Want to Get your Glasses Removed Permanently Lasik Laser Surgery is All You Need - 3D Vision eye hospital jaipur

A healthy vision is a pre-requisite for living a comfortable and confident life. Having a normal vision throughout one’s life is a boon.

“Very lucky are those who don’t have to wear glasses or contact lenses for having a normal vision” or “How to get rid of glasses permanently” are some of the most common thoughts that keep arousing in the mind of a spectacled person.

This is so because on the one hand glasses help you get perfect vision, on the other hand there are many practical problems associated with them –
A. Scratches on the glasses make vision unclear
B. Wearing glasses is extremely difficult on a foggy day or during rains
C. You keep searching them, if they are misplaced
D. Wearing contact lenses is quiet uncomfortable
E. Contact lenses are sensitive to dust and need extra care
F. Heavy frame of glasses may even lead to dark circles and marks on nose

In order to overcome these problems, the troubled person start searching for some natural remedies that can help him/her to improve their vision so that they can get rid of glasses. They increase the consumption of green vegetables, start consuming amla (Indian Goosesberry) and a variety of juices meant to bring their vision to normal. Some start consuming a mixture of almonds, mishri and fennel seeds and consume more of black pepper in their diet. People start trying yoga and exercises for stretching, strengthening and relaxing the eye muscles.
Many people even visit their health consultant to ask “what to eat to remove spectacles? or how to improve eyesight and remove spectacles?”

However, it must be understood that eating good food and consuming various natural herbs will certainly improve your overall health condition. They may help you sustain a better vision throughout your life, but they are least likely to improve your vision. It is not possible to reduce the power of your eyeglasses or
If anyone really wishes to get his/her glasses removed, the only solution to it is to go for laser vision correction or lens based surgeries. Thanks to the technological advancements which have made all these surgeries painless and least time consuming.
Any type of vision related problem , may it be nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism or presbyopia, can be treated completely by the best lasik laser surgeon.
These surgeries aim at correcting, reshaping or replacing the badly shaped cornea (lens) so that a clear image is formed on the retina. If you visit a specialized eye hospital near your place, the doctor will guide you about the most suitable lasik laser surgery option. The following types of surgeries are available –

  1. LASIK or Laser in-situ keratomileusis
    This surgery is best suitable for people with nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism. In it, the surgeon reshapes the tissue underneath the cornea so that it focuses the light properly. The cuts are made through laser which makes it a painless procedure.
  2. PRK or photorefractive keractomy
    It is used for mild case of nearsighetdness, farsightedness astigmatism. In this procedure, only the cornea is reshaped and no cuts are made by the surgeon.
  3. Reflex SMILE
    This procedure involves the benefits of both LASIK and PRK. In it, a disc of tissue is removed from the cornea with the help of laser and then cornea is reshaped. This procedure protects the health of the cornea.
  4. RLE or Refractive Lens Exchange
    This procedure is used for extreme case of farsightedness or nearsightedness. Herein, the doctor makes a cut at the edge of the cornea with the help of laser, removes the natural lens completely and replace it with a silicone or plastic lens. Doctors use his technique for the people with thin corneas, dry eyes or any minor cornea problem.
  5. Phakic Intraocular lens Implants
    If the person is too nearsighted for LASIK or PRK, then this technique is used. Herein, the doctor makes a cut at the edge of the cornea with the help of laser, and inserts a new silicone or plastic lens. The original lens is not removed in this technique.
    All these techniques ensure an effective vision in affordable costs. All you need is to have preparedness for an eye surgery and a well equipped eye hospital on your side. Your eligibility for the surgery will be determined by your specialist doctor.
    So, if you still have the question “Can I remove my spectacles permanently”, the answer is certainly YES !
    Have a healthy diet and eat the best you can get from nature for your physical and psychological well being. But rely on science and technology when it comes to ensuring a permanent healthy vision.
    Lasik laser surgeries will definitely help you have a

See clearly without glasses or contacts

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