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9 Pro – Active Tips to Take Care of Your Delicate Eyes in Winters

9 Pro - Active Tips to Take Care of Your Delicate Eyes in Winters

Winter season is that part of the year in which the temperature falls heavily and the weather conditions are marked by cold winds and snowfall. It is, thus, very obvious that the human body will experience dryness of skin and eyes.
Moreover, in winters we are less bothered about the sunlight as we are in summers. We avoid wearing sun glasses and tend to spend more time in sun for absorbing heat and keeping our body warm. This sun exposure is also harmful for the eyes.
Hence, eye care in winters becomes a matter of great concern and one must duly take care of his/her eyes.
The prominent factors which influence our eyes and cause vision related problems are:-

  1. Cool Dry Winds Outside
    In winters, as there is a drop in temperature, the air also loses its humidity and becomes dry. The dry air also makes our eyes dry and causes discomfort. This dehydration of eyes causes irritation and redness too.
  2. More Exposure to Ultra Violet Radiations
    In winters, people tend to stay more in direct sunlight to keep them warm and cosy. This excessive exposure to direct sunlight leads to more Ultra Violet radiation absorption in the body and eyes, which is a cause of cancer.
  3. Warm Inside Air
    During winters, many people use room heaters to maintain their body temperature. This re-circulated indoor air also causes dryness in eyes.
  4. Other Reasons
    There are several other reasons also that adversely affect eye health in all seasons-
    a. Poor sitting posture while working on computers.
    b. Not blinking eyes frequently.
    c. Excessive use of screens.
    d. Poor diet
    e. No exposure to natural light
    f. Health issues

    The most common problem that eyes face during winters is that of lack of moisture and it has to be addressed carefully by following the below mentioned eye care tips.
  1. Make Use of Eyewear
    You must get comfortable and effective sunglass before the onset of winters. Wear them when going out. Protection from UV rays is required even during winter. So, ensure that you don’t compromise on the quality of the glasses.
  2. Avoid long exposure to Sun
    In winters, people generally sit in sunlight for long durations of time so as to keep themselves warm. But this exposure to the sun must be limited, otherwise the possibility of UV rays harming your skin and eyes is very high. The morning hours of day i.e before noon the time is considered best for intake of sunlight.
  3. Keep yourself Hydrated
    We sweat less in winters. Hence, the body requires less water and we feel less thirsty as compared to summers. But it is a healthy practice to consume at least 3 litres or 8 glasses of water every day to remain hydrated. Enough moisture in your eyes means that there will be few problems in the cold season. Water does not only keep your eyes healthy but the whole body is benefitted from it.
  4. Regulate Indoor Temperature
    If you are using heaters for keeping the inside temperature of your home or office warm, then you must turn down the central heating to a mild temperature. This will not make the inside air very dry as compared to the one in very high temperature. Thus, you can easily counter the problem of dry eyes.
  5. Exercise Regularly
    There are some eye exercises which one must do regularly or may be during the breaks from work.
    👉 Rub your palms against each other and then cup your eyes.
    👉 Eye ball rotation in a 360 degree motion.
    👉 Blink continuously for few minutes. This will help keep your eyes moisturized by producing enough lubrication in the form of tears.
    👉 Squeeze your eyes, relax and then squeeze them. Do this 3-4 times.
  6. Improve Your Practices
    Adoption of some right practices can surely help you avoid many eye related issues. Some of these practices are-
    👉 Take Digital Breaks
    Always take a small break after 20-30 minutes of work on screens. In winters, mostly prefer to sit in the cozy comfort of their house then going outside. Then they get glued to the screens. As such, a digital break becomes very essential.

    👉 Follow the 20-20 Rule
    After every 20 minutes of screen use , one must focus his.her eyes on any object kept 20 feet away and should see it for 20 seconds. This practice also help retain eye moisture.
    If your work involves heavy usage of computer screens, you can even make wear good quality screen glasses which protect you from the side effects of screen light.

    👉 Mind Your Posture
    You must follow the eye care tips to safeguard your eyes while learning online or while doing office work online. Prolonged sitting is involved in both of them. So, one must ensure that he/she sits with back straight on a comfortable chair.

    👉 Use Eye Drops
    If your eyes get dried up fast, you can also make use of lubricating eye drops which will help produce artificial tears and keeps the eyes moist. But such drops must be used after a consultation with the doctor.

    👉 Sound sleep
    Take about 7-8 hours of sound sleep. While we sleep our eye muscles get relaxed and eyes are able to work more efficiently. A good sleep even helps to relieve the stress caused due to overwork on screens.
  1. Maintain a Healthy Diet
    In winters, one must eat nutritious food to build immunity The best way to protect your eyes is to be strong from inside as well. Have a diet which contains nutritious elements for eyes such as carrots , spinach, amla etc.
  2. Maintain Personal Hygiene
    Taking bath daily, using a personal towel, cleaning the spectacles with clean cloth and washing hands regularly are some of the personal hygiene measures one must follow to avoid any kind of eye infection .
  3. Consult your Eye Specialist
    The above pro-active measures will solve most of the eye related issues that arise in winters. Still if you face the problem of dry eyes. irritation, itching or redness, you must visit the nearest eye hospital and consult an eye specialist.
    By following the above tips, you can easily face the challenges of winter season while having a HEALTHY VISION !

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